A baking Christmas gift guide/ wish list

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Today I thought I would try a slightly different post. Instead of the usual recipe/review style posts I thought I would try something new in the form of a Christmas wishlist/ gift guide.

I am always on the lookout for new baking/ cooking products and with only 2 weeks until Christmas I thought I would share some of my favourite baking gifts with you.

Here are a list of a few things you may wish to buy for someone who loves baking, a suggestion to give to those who are buying for you or just as a treat to yourself!

1. A Cath Kidston Apron


Obviously an apron is essential for any baker, but why not make it a pretty one? I was given this apron by my Mum a couple of years ago now and I love it. Of course it keeps all that pesky flour off my clothes but it also looks great on and has a handy pocket for phones/ timers/ sweets (well, we need something to keep us going while we bake to our hearts content!). It also looks really pretty hanging in the kitchen, especially with the matching tea towels, storage boxes and oven glove.

You can get it here for £20. They have a range of prints and some super cute kids aprons for just £8. Remember: CK offer a discount of 10% for students!

2. Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits


I have recently been experimenting with ‘flooding and icing’ biscuits. You may have seen this on my instagram. This was only my second ever time trying this technique, the first being from my second ever blog post about some biscuits I made for a hen do. I think this technique creates some beautiful results and I really want to perfect it. I will be attempting it again for some Christmas themed biscuits soon and hopefully I will improve!

I recently got the Biscuiteers book on Amazon for 11p on Amazon (what a steal!). I would really recommend it, it has some great tips in and beautiful photos. Have a look at their website to get an idea of what it contains and for some inspiration!

Get it for under £10 here.

3. Wilton icing colours


This product is specific to those who bake using food colouring, decorating cakes and biscuits. Until recently I didn’t use food colouring much and if I did I would just use the stuff you buy at the supermarket. However after making a monkey cake last year and having to use a whole bottle of green icing to try and make leaves (they only turned out pastel green!) and resorting to cocoa to make the icing brown, I needed to seriously rethink my food colouring situation! I purchased my 1st Wilton colour earlier this year when I made the hen do biscuits I mentioned earlier, and I have never looked back! Since then I have tackled various projects for which they have been invaluable. The colour is so vivid from such a small amount- meaning they last forever! I now own about 6 but I am slowly building my collection.

Buy here, on offer at the moment for £12.09

4. Cake tins

cake tins

When all baking has been complete it is important to have somewhere to keep it to stop biscuits going soft and cakes becoming dry!  An airtight container is imperative for this so these tins are perfect. They will also look lovely on display in the kitchen or when taking goodies to appreciative guinea pigs!

You can get the set of 3 here for £15, where they also have lots of other tins (some not so girly!)

5. Cake Dome

cake dome

Continuing on the theme of storage for baked goods, next up is this glass cake dome. This is definitely a more of a luxury than a necessity but so lovely for displaying yummy cakes, biscuits bread and more! I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous cake dome from my boyfriend for Christmas last year. I have used it nearly every week since and now I wince at the thought of cramming my bakes into a plastic container! Great for storage of every day goodies to snack on but also for displaying yummy bakes you have lovingly created for guests.

You get get this one here for £47.50, however there are many designs on the market so have a shop around!

6. Macaron making kit

macaroon kit

This macaroon making kit is a fun gift for amateur bakers and those with a bit more experience too. Macaroons are notoriously tricky to get right, but look amazing when you do. It contains a book to guide you through as well as all the necessary equipment, meaning this kit might be just the aid to help out those of us who are not so confident taking on the macaroon challenge alone!

You can get it here for £30.

7. Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin

rolling pin

This was only a recent discovery of mine, but after a recent attempt at making biscuits I can really see its value! Of course its not entirely necessarily, and a good old fashioned rolling pin does the job just fine, but this makes life just that little bit easier! It is also a lot easier than using rolling guides. I also think it would be great for children, preventing them applying too much pressure, but allowing them to join in at the same time!

Get yours here, for £22

8. Christmas cookie cutters

cookie cutters

These cookie cutters are a novelty and the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys baking. They can be used with kids for simple gingerbread cookies or even for a more sophisticated iced and flooded biscuit (as I will be attempting later this week!). They can also be used for craft and will be bought our again and again every Christmas for that essential Christmas baking session. I have already got mine, they look great and I can’t wait to test them out!

If you fancy these, for yourself or a gift, you can purchase them here for £2.70

9. Ceramic Mixing bowl

mixing bowl

We all have that old mixing bowl we have been using for years for baking. Mine is a cream plastic bowl which is quite frankly ugly. Luckily last year I was given a gorgeous, not to mention massive red ceramic mixing bowl. It not only looks lovely, it is large enough to make huge batches and is easy to clean. They are a great gift as they are not something one would necessarily buy themselves as they are a bit of a luxury, but a great addition to any bakers cupboard.

You can get this pink one here for £19.90 (or you can shop around for one less pink!)

10. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer


This is a bit of a dream, the holy grail of baking gifts- The KitchenAid mixer. Retailing at a whopping £370-£450 this is not a cheap gift, but it is one that lasts a lifetime. With a whisk, dough hook and flat beater attachments there is nothing this machine can’t do! Although there is a certain romance to kneading your own bread sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy! It speeds up baking and mixes large batches in a matter of minutes. Not to mention they come in a range of beautiful colours. My favourite colour differs over time, but at the moment I am loving this ‘Ice Blue‘ version.

Buy yours here (or just have a look and dream about how good it would look in your kitchen, or how much easier it would make baking…)

I hope you have enjoyed this post, got some inspiration or added some items to you baking wish list!

Until next time,
Emily x


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