Easter Bark

Skill: Low
Cost: Medium
Time: 20 minutes plus cooling
Equipment: Saucepan, heatproof bowl, cake tin/silicone mould SAMSUNG CSCIn the lead up to Easter I have been thinking of what I can make with all the delicious Easter goodies that are in shops at the moment. This is my first of a few posts I will be doing around Easter based baking. However I can’t really claim this is baking or a ‘recipe’ as such. It’s just a really simple way to make an Easter themed treat, that tastes good, looks great and can be made with children.

I have seen a lot of ‘bark’ on Pinterest and thought it was about time I made some of my own! This basically consists of melting chocolate or candy melts and studding it with treats to create your own chocolate bar. There are some really colourful examples but I decided to stick with a milk chocolate based version. You could switch this up however you fancy!

This is a really fun and easy activity to do with kids, producing effective results without their concentration being lost in the process! You could even make it with left over Easter eggs- if they last that long!


400g bar of Dairy Milk (Or chocolate of your choice)

1/2 bag of mini eggs

1 bag of mini cadbury caramel eggs (or other Easter chocolate of your choice)

5-10 rich tea biscuits (or biscuits of your choice)

1. Prepare the mini eggs and caramel eggs by splitting in half with a sharp knife. Break the biscuits into quarters.

2. Line the bottom of the tin you are using with greaseproof paper and scatter with biscuits and mini eggs. I used a silicone cake mould so didn’t need to line it, I found this was perfect as when it was set I could just push the bark out.

3. Melt the chocolate in a bain marie or very carefully in a microwave!

4. Pour the melted chocolate into your tray, on top of the biscuits and mini eggs.

5. Stud with the rest of your biscuits, mini eggs and the caramel eggs.

6. Allow to cool completely, remove from mould and break into ‘bark.’

7. Enjoy over the Easter break!


I hope you enjoy making this over the Easter period. It was really yummy even though no skill was involved! I think there could be some great variations with different chocolate so have an experiment.

Next up I have some Easter fudge so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time,

Emily x


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