Chocolate orange brownies- the best brownie recipe ever!


So today’s post is not just about chocolate orange brownies. It’s about my favourite brownie recipe, which is so versatile it can be adapted to almost any flavour. This week it just so happens to be chocolate orange. Yum!

It took me a long time to find the perfect recipe, trial and a lot of error. My brownies were often too gooey or too cakey, however this recipe is the perfect compromise between the two. I discovered this Lorraine Pascale recipe when making my Oreo Brownie Cake. I then went on to use it for my Smarties Brownies, Christmas pudding brownies, bourbon biscuit brownies and more!

Every variation I have tried has come out perfectly, a true testament to a great recipe! There are so many other flavour combinations to be tried. To make the chocolate orange version I omitted the oreos and added 1tsp of orange extract to the brownie mixture, as well as half a chocolate orange. I baked these until nearly done and with 2 minutes to go, scattered the remaining chocolate orange across the top of the brownies, so the segments melted in but were still recognisable a chocolate orange. They were delicious. 

I would highly recommend this recipe, I encourage you to experiment with different flavours as I do too! I am thinking an after dinner mint version for Christmas.

I just had to share this brownie recipe and have as much success with it as I have. Thank you Lorraine Pascale for an incredible recipe I will use for years to come!

Oreo brownie cake

Oreo brownie cake


Smarties brownies


Christmas pudding brownies


10 thoughts on “Chocolate orange brownies- the best brownie recipe ever!

  1. You put the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘orange’ together and I’m there! I am so going to have to try make these!! xx

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