How do I place an order?
Head to the ‘get in touch’ page, send an inquiry form with all the details you can about the cake you’re looking for and when you’d like it. Alternatively, send an email or get in touch via Facebook. Cakes/dates are only booked once a £20 deposit (or agreed amount) has been paid. The full balance is due the week the cake before the cake is due to be collected.

What flavours do you do?

Any flavour you’d like! Check out the ‘flavours’ page. If it’s not on there, just ask!

What size cake will I need?

It’s all down to how you cut your cake and how big your portions are, but as a guide;

    5″ cake feeds 8-10
    6″ cake feeds 14-18
    7″ cake feeds 26-30
  • 8″ cake feeds 36-40

How much are your cakes?

This totally depends on the size and style of your cake. As a guide:

    5″ start at £50
    6″ start at £65
    7″ start at £80
    8″ start at £100

Price will differ with additional decoration and toppings. Extras include toppers, figurines, dried flowers, macarons etc.

When should I order?
As small business, with all cakes being made fresh to order, I have limited availability and it’s best to get in contact with as much notice as possible. However, if you are in need of last minute cake then don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Do you deliver?

No, sorry! Cakes are collection from Roath, Cardiff.

Are the cakes suitable for vegetarians/ people with nut allergies/gluten intolerances?
Most of our cakes and cupcakes are suitable for vegetarians. Nuts are handled in our kitchen therefore cannot be guaranteed safe for those with nut allergies. The same applies for gluten allergies and intolerances. We do not cater for any allergies unfortunately, sorry.

Cakey advice:

What is the best way to take care of my cake?
If you are collecting your cake please place it flat onto the floor/in a footwell of your car whilst you are transporting the cake. Please avoid placing your cake on a seat – this could cause your cake to slope during transportation! At home keep in the fridge until a couple of hours before serving. Or half an hour on a hot day!

How long does a cake last?

All cakes are freshly baked to order, and are best eaten on the day of collection/delivery – however, they will keep fresh for around 2-3 days. Cakes are best kept in the fridge until a couple of hours before serving or in a cool room away from radiators and direct sunlight. Once cut wrapped in foil or clingfilm to keep fresh at room temperature.

What’s your hygiene rating?

I work from my home kitchen which is a 5* food hygiene rating following an inspection from the council.

Ewch i food.gov.uk/ratings i ganfod sgôr hylendid bwyd ein busnes neu gofynnwch inni beth yw ein sgôr hylendid bwyd wrth archebu.


Go to food.gov.uk/ratings to find out the food hygiene rating of our business or ask us for our food hygiene rating when you order